O is for Offense

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O is for Offense

Post by deebofitts on Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:48 pm

While there is not too great of a need for and Offensive strategy, I have seen this work and think it will work very well if implicated correctly. Also, I think this is somewhat how Alliance does it.

Get one guy in the middle bridge, have him kill all the NPC's there til he had rank for sieges, should take a min or 2. While he is doing this the rest should be out taking workshops, so as to maximize amount of vehicles. After he has his ranking, he will goto one of the north workshops, most likely the west one, since we ALWAYS have control of it. He will then proceed to make siege after siege, moving them out of the garage and parking them to allow other players, who don't have rank to make them, but can in fact drive them. After the vehicle number is maxed, Horde will take the keep with all the sieges.

Pretty easy and I think it will allow for the win in under 7 min achievement.

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