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Post by Reckles on Wed Mar 04, 2009 9:38 pm

I got bored, so I put this together in Microsoft Visio to make the rotations a little clearer

edit: oops forgot about Savage Roar..

also, just to make things more confusing.. if you are at 5 combo points, it's more important to use a finisher (Savage Roar or Rip) than it is to keep Rake/Mangle going, as they will generate combo points you can't use.. causing you to waste a lot of potential DPS.

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Post by Reckles on Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:14 pm

Gear Now
Easy Upgrade
Helm[Helm of Cheated Fate][Shroud of Darkness]Zuramat the Obliterator, Heroic Violet Hold
Chest[Exotic Leather Tunic][Custodian's Chestpiece]Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, Heroic Azjul'Nerub
[Darkheart Chestguard]Exalted with Knights of the Ebon Blade Faction
Wrist[Bindings of the Tunneler][Dragonfriend Bracers]Exalted with Wyrmest Accord
Trinket[Fezzik's Pocketwatch][Meteorite Whetstone]King Ymiron, Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle

Everything else seems pretty good or notable upgrades will come from raid-level content.

Note: You are already way overkill on Expertise Rating. Currently Anistasya has a 240 Expertise Rating. Even without 2/2 Primal Precision she would only need a 214 rating. Taking the talent into account, the sweet spot is an Expertise Rating of 132. Grinding faction rep sucks, but they offer decent upgrades for chest and bracers as well as give you the ability to dump some of that wasted expertise.

As you unload that Expertise Rating, you're going to start stacking up on Hit Rating instead. Anistasya currently has a Hit Rating of 116, desirably she will want to have a Hit Rating of 263.

  • 132 Expertise Rating
  • 263 Hit Rating

Head Enchant: [Arcanum of Torment] from Knights of the Ebon Blade
If you haven't already, do the Shadow Vault quest chain in Icecrown that starts with [It's All Fun and Games] from the floating battleship Ogrim's Hammer. This will open up the Knights of the Ebon Blade's town located at Shadow Vault and give you access to their quartermaster. Get to Revered reputation and buy this enchant from there.

Shoulder Enchant: [Lesser Inscription of the Axe] from Sons of Hodir
You are already Honored with Sons of Hodir, so just buy the lesser version and slap it on. Continue doing their dailies and eventually work your way toward exalted for [Greater Inscription of the Axe].

Back Enchant: [Enchant Cloak - Major Agility]
That +120 armor enchant you have right now doesn't do much at all to help boost DPS. The +22 agility will give you 44 attack power (plus some crit/dodge). [Enchant Cloak - Greater Speed] may also be viable, but I'm pretty sure Agility is your best bet.

Chest Enchant: [Enchant Chest - Super Stats]
This enchant is pretty cheap and simple to acquire. There's the superior [Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats] enchant, but I'm not convinced there's much gear out there worth the cost.

Bracer Enchant: [Fur Lining - Attack Power]
You're a high enough Leatherworker to apply this on your own bracers.

Gloves Enchant: [Enchant Gloves - Precision]
You might get more raw DPS from [Enchant Gloves - Major Agility] instead, but being so far below hit cap right now Precision is probably a better call.

Belt Enchant: You already have an [Eternal Belt Buckle] socket added, but perhaps +32AP gem isn't the best choice at this time.

Leggings Enchant: You're squared away on this already, rawr!

Boots Enchant: [Enchant Boots - Icewalker]
Same as with the gloves-- there's an Agility enchant available ( [Enchant Boots - Superior Agility] ), but right now Hit Rating is a bigger focus. At least the critical strike aspect of Icewalker makes up for some of the crit you would have gotten from Agility.

Weapon Enchant: You're fine with Mongoose, it's cheap and easy and scales well. Other options are the +AP to 2H enchants as well as getting Berserking once you get a nice 25-man Naxx weapon or something.

You don't have much (any?) gear with gem sockets right now, but for future reference:
Socket bonuses can be nice, but sometimes you will run into gear with an oddly-colored socket (Almost always a Blue Socket) that doesn't fit what you usually gem with (Red/Yellow). Easiest solution if you want to keep the bonus is to go for a mixed color gem that will fulfill both criteria.

Note: Mixed color gems (orange, purple, green) count as both of their constituent colors. Example: An orange gem counts as a Red gem AND a Yellow gem for purposes of the socket color (for bonus) and requirements for a meta gem.

Red Socket:
  • [Delicate Scarlet Ruby] (gives 32AP plus some Crit/Dodge)
  • [Bright Scarlet Ruby]
Yellow Socket:
  • [Rigid Autumn's Glow]
  • [Smooth Autumn's Glow]
  • [Quick Autumn's Glow]
It came sometimes be good to spread out stats or to load some Hit Rating into a Red Socket, to do so without losing socket bonuses, you have several options:
  • [Glinting Monarch Topaz]
  • Plus any other orange gems with a combination of the above stats (AGI/AP/Crit/Haste/Hit)
  • [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond]
This is pretty much the Meta Gem for non-caster DPS.

Note: You will have to have a blue gem to meet this meta-gem's requirements. Your best bet is to put a Green or Purple gem in a blue socket (or the Belt Buckle socket if you have none). I would recommed: [Shifting Twilight Opal] or [Jagged Forest Emerald].

**I'm sure I forgot stuff.. I got kinda bored/distracted by the end of typing this out.. very likely I'll come back and edit it**

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