Pitches - 80 Priest

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Pitches - 80 Priest

Post by Pitches on Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:06 am

Name: Pitches
Server: Firetree
Class: Priest
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 80

Armory Link:

Raid Experience (If Any...Not Req but very helpful):
All WOTLK prior to ICC- Excluding TOGC, I hated that instance to begin with and I took a short break and returned once ICC was released I've also raid the mall like every other weekend, dunno if that counts.

Inscription - I find myself respeccing constantly between disc pve-pvp, holy and shadow. It's nice to not have to run to the AH all the time
Jewelcrafting - Not maxed, jst have it for the JC gems, they are SICCKKKK

PvE or PvP person and why?
I love both I pvp w/ Catches when not raiding and I basically live to raid... when i'm playing WoW lol. I think that PvP kinndaaa enhances my PvE relexes /flex haha.

Why did you choose your talent spec?
BECCAAUUSSEEEEE it best suited my healing style and jst the way I play in general. I have a shadow set/spec and I also play disc - Which is what I mainly played during Ulduar through most of TOC. Holy jst gives bigger numbers, looks good in pugs

Are you willing to change specs?
I always do willingly. Thaaaats why on my statistics i'm at like 72 respecs.... so.. i'm pretty sure that's.. a lot... lol. Nuff said!

How often can we expect to see you online and active?
I AMMMMMMMM always online basically except weekends sometimes and stuff like that - Very active unless I get sick. OORRR my friends force me out of my house which is like weekends anyways xP I have no life and i'm a raid junkie Im always on time - aaaanndddd ya.

Do you know anyone in Judgement? If so, whom?....and do you like this person lawl.
I do not know anyone - Fairly new to the server jst xffered about a week or two ago.

Can you make raid times from 8 to 11 PM Tuesday-Thursday alt rids and random non progress raids go down alot, but those days are the progress as a guild days.
Yar, fits perfect. Thaaaaattsssss kinda why i'm applying...

What are your reasons for applying?
Beeeccaaauuseeee I really would like to raid with an active and social guild. I feel like a hardcore guild - where I came from - isn't the really the environment i'd like to play in anymore. I hope to make friends and be able to ENJOY wiping and hopefully get some laughs out of it versus dreading it and getting yelled at. I hope that this guild progesses smoothly and enjoys my sometimes obnoxious behavior. Guild chat is a girl's best friend no?

Thanks for reading my application Sorry my application is dry, i'm usually not this dull. Catches is the boring on I must warn you xP


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Re: Pitches - 80 Priest

Post by Pitches on Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:09 am

Sorry here's my link! It's not even updated yet tho =/ But ya.


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Re: Pitches - 80 Priest

Post by Jeezus on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:35 am

no worries do a /who judgement and anyone can get you an inv. Welcome to Firetree.

I will be off work around 5 server, and if anything pst me on Battlejeezus, Phuknorris, or Taanksinatra. we have our second ICC team going in at 7:15 server and i not sure what toon I will be on...but anyone who isn't a recruit can invite you if you are online earlier than 5 server/..

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Re: Pitches - 80 Priest

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