Application - 80 ret paladin - Catches

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Application - 80 ret paladin - Catches

Post by Catches on Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:01 am

Name: Catches
Server: Firetree..? Obviously lol =)
Class: Paladin (Ret/Prot)
Race: Blood Elf
Level: 80

Armory Link:

Raid Experience (If Any...Not Req but very helpful)- I've raided pretty much everything but ICC, except the first boss in 25 man which we downed, and the second boss which we didn't make to phase 2 but had a couple good attempts =) As well as 25 Ulduar almost all the way through, Uld 10 all the way through, Naxx10/25 obv., TOC10/25 TOGC first boss downed, know the second boss but have never quite downed him, and of course every other raid pre WOTLK I'm old school.

Professions: Leatherworker / Skinner

PvE or PvP person and why? To be quite honest, I'm both, I have a lot of relentless gear right now, I've always loved to pvp just because you're actually fighting against people, who change and get harder and have new tricks, rather than computers which will always do what is expected. BUT I love raiding just to be with people and have a good time, and of course down bosses and get loot!

Why did you choose your talent spec? I've always loved to DPS, and WOTLK is the first time I tried tanking, I like them both a lot! But DPS is just a little bit more fun to me just because I like pushing myself to do as much dps as I can while doing my job in the raid.

Are you willing to change specs? I would really rather not go holy, I've never really enjoyed healing, but tanking and DPS I like a lot, so I'll do either of those as my main speccs if you want me to! =)

How often can we expect to see you online and active? Every day, it is basically my life except for homework and friends on weekends.

Do you know anyone in Judgement? If so, whom?....and do you like this person lawl. I don't know anyone in judgement, me and my friend Pitches JUST transferred servers, we were tired of our old one, and tired of being alliance, haha.

Can you make raid times from 8 to 11 PM Tuesday-Thursday alt rids and random non progress raids go down alot, but those days are the progress as a guild days. Yeah I can certainly make those days, weekends are normally the only days when I tend to go out with friends.

What are your reasons for applying? I've been looking at this guild, and watching the realm forums to make sure you guys aren't full of drama, and it seems like you're a great fit for me! Though I don't know anyone in the guild yet, I'm sure you guys aren't going to be disrespectful or anything.

PS: Thanks for reading my App! Oh, and you cant tell by armory but my prot set is almost equal to my Ret set, okay! I'll troll forums and would enjoy comments =) Seeya!


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Armory link

Post by Catches on Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:10 am

Apparently armory link didn't go through >.< Just look up Catches


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Re: Application - 80 ret paladin - Catches

Post by Jeezus on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:34 am

cool do a /who judgement and ask anyone online for an invite, anyone non recruit will hook you up. welcome to Firetree.

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Re: Application - 80 ret paladin - Catches

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