Mike's SHam App

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Mike's SHam App

Post by Mike_Coleh on Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:21 pm

Name:Michael Colehour

Armory Link:http:<//www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Firetree&n=Divya>

Raid Experience (If Any...Not Req but very helpful)- Four other 80's. Mannithus, Barnlok, Kwakun, Hathvel. Manni's been in 25 Naxx, 25 VoA. Able to adapt fast and as long as computer complies, do well.

Professions:Skinning, LW; willing to drop LW if something else is needed. Mannithus, my Lock, has max JC with some blue cuts, no epics. Can work on that if needed.

PvE or PvP person and why?
Both but primarily PvE. PvP doent work that well when you lag where rotations can still be performed.

Why did you choose your talent spec?
Initially i leveled as enhancement, but nearing 80 i saw it would be hard to gear for, so I went elemental. Im in the process of heroics to get basic raid nessesities.(hit, haste, SP...)

Are you willing to change specs?
Yes, once i get dual spec I was planning on having dps Elemental and raid healing Restoration.

How often can we expect to see you online and active?
Generally I am on everyday. Weekdays might be limited by how much work i have to do.

Do you know anyone in Judgement? If so, whom?....and do you like this person lawl.
Bigroundone, or Grey, i have known for 8 years allready and I am a good friend of his. Also, Kenziekay, or Shawn AKA Grey's stepdad, is a long term aquaintence.

Can you make raid times from 8 to 11 PM Tuesday-Thursday alt rids and random non progress raids go down alot, but those days are the progress as a guild days.
Generally yes, unless i have a work load dump in the middle of the week it is definately possible. Although usually I hit the sack at 10 pm.

What are your reasons for applying?
I wanted to get into a good solid raiding guild that has memebers I allready know. Also just leveling chars gets a little boring unless you stick with one, and this is it...
(After 4 trys.)


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Re: Mike's SHam App

Post by Jeezus on Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:32 pm

Nice job...this isnt the roster post tho LOL......


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