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2v2 Priest Warlock

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General Information
Hello, this is Absolutely from Hyjal-Whirlwind. As requested, I will be writing a 2v2 strategy guide for running the Priest/Warlock set up. This is all written from the Priest's point of view, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through the comments below or on my server, Hyjal. Any feedback is welcomed.


Many of you probably wonder, "How the hell does this comp work" or "Wt****, they prob wintraded" or maybe even "HOW THE **** DO YOU LOSE TO THAT?!". Well it's simple, although it may not seem very strong at start, if played right it has great potential. The variety of battle play this comp can do is simply amazing in my opinion. However ever since the mana burn nerf, it hasn't been very effective playing drain games. Although it still works, however chain fearing a healer while the teammate has full dots and bursting someone down is most effective.


Honestly, any good Rogue can lock a Warlock down pretty easily. It really depends though, you can tell if the Rogue is good or not depending on what they interrupt and how much they can be faked. Warriors can also tear a warlock apart so fast, their basically Rogues on steroids. Due to Charge being equivalent to a cold blood and it being on such a low cool down, Warrior/healer may be the only team that it may be frustrating and difficult winning against. Also some double dps may prove rather difficult due to high burst and such.

General Guidelines

* Demon Armor should be the main armor used for 2's with the exception when fighting caster/healer teams. Ret/healer is another team you could use Fel armor if you don't find yourself dropping too fast.
* Always keep shields up before match starts.
* Set up a demonic circle somewhere before fight starts.
* As the Priest, I always try to stay top on mana when fighting healer/dps teams. I often Power Word: Shield/Renew/PoM my warlock and go drink. If your locks pet gets focused, you can fear and health funnel it while you drink.
* If they dispel your buffs and reset the fight, just rebuff, with glyph of fort, its like 461 mana to Re-fort.
* Most of the fights require good positioning. Such as if the rogue is on your warlock, then as the priest sit by a pillar and after topping your warlock with heals and a HoT try drinking behind the pillar. Also if you stand opposite side of the healer, you can MC the rogue and play with him when he has full DoTs.
* If your warlock partner is like mine, he'll do a demonic battle cry before engaging the arena match to pump himself up.
* Never mana burn as soon as something is feared, get it off while theres 2-3 seconds left on fear for maximum lock down on enemy player.
* At the beginning of the match, dispel as much of the enemy team's buffs as possible. -duh

I like to run as 57/14, there are many ways you can spec as 57/14. Some of things I'd like to pick up that some others may not take would be, Enlightment: Priests can do a lot of things, they can heal, dps, mana burn, and whatever they have left. Having 6% extra haste could prove to be quite useful for situations like getting a mana burn off before a healer goes out of LoS. Another talent I choose to take would be, Divine Aegis: A lot of people would consider it like a PvE talent, but since double dps with rogues where their initial burst is like insane, having an extra shield on their kill target could change the game. Also before your about to go drink you could Shield->Penance and if you get some crits you could give your warlock an extra like 4.5k shield if they all crit. I have like 11% spell crit, with weaken soul on my target, it makes it around 15% chance to crit, its not bad to pick it up. Whatever spec should work as long as it has the basics however, but it really depends on whatever suits your play style best.

Affliction for 2's, Dual spec Affliction/Destro for 3's and 5's.



Glyph of Penance: Obviously, standard glyph

Glyph of Inner fire: Priests are clothies, we don't tend to die to casters. If we were to die, it most likely be to the hands of a melee. Glyph of inner fire grants about an additional 5% less physical damage taken from melee. Over a long period of time vs. Melee/Healer, if they focus the priest, the damage reduction would surely help.

Glyph of Pain Suppresion: Pain suppressioning your warlock while your sapped when fighting rogue mage is useful. Also useful when someone opens on you. Especially Rogue/Mage, Ret/Rogue, Rogue/Dk, and every other melee zerg with stuns.


Glyph of Corruption: An extra shadow trance from RnG could win the game.

Glyph of Shadowflame: Situations where this may be useful- Shadowflame a rogue then teleport so you can kite the rogue longer, Shadowflame glyph helps against most teams with melee, although not very effective for warriors due to their high mobility.

Glyph of Unstable Affliction: Harder for melee to interrupt.


Look at AJ Macros
I generally wear some PvE gear in arenas because I find some Ulduar 25man gear to be insanely good. Such as Intensity: A staff with like 120 hit rating, 550 spell power, high amount of Int, spirit, and stam. It looks pretty good to me, especially the hit rating. No more need to stack some hit gear from furious accessories. Scale of Fates: Macro that and Power Infusion would be around 30%~ haste, useful for mana burning and getting quick heals off against double dps.

I keep around 750ish resilience for 2v2 because I don't find myself instantly gibbed that often. I feel like it's enough.
Around 750ish resilience should be enough. Stacking spell power to instigate more pressure on the other team is useful. You really shouldn't be getting like instantly gibbed. If you find yourself dying quite fast with this much resilience, you could get glyph of soul link over glyph of UA. However it should be enough. 129 spell pen is standard for most warlocks. Around 5% hit should be enough. The hit rating you get from furious accessories should be enough.


* Afflicted
* Gladius
* DR tracker

VS. Druid/Rogue
VS. Druid/Warlock
VS. Druid/Warrior
VS. Mage/Rogue
VS. Retribution Paladin/Healer
VS. Retribution Paladin/Rogue
VS. Priest/Rogue

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