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Boiled Blood

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Again info borrowed from EJ's will be putting my own touch and experiences in when i get time


Common Abbreviations
Specs & Runeforges
Generalized Rotation
--Single Target
--Dancing Rune Weapon
--Priority Systems
Gearing & Stat Weights
--Set bonuses


AoE = Area of Effect
AMS = Anti-Magic Shell
APE = Attack Power Equivalence
BB = Blood Boil
BCB = Blood Caked Blade
BP = Blood Presence
IT = Icy Touch
DK = Death Knight
DC = Death Coil
DnD = Death and Decay
DPS = Damage per Second
DRW = Dancing Rune Weapon
FC = Rune of the Fallen Crusader
GCD = Global Cooldown
HoW = Horn of Winter
PS = Plague Strike
RP = Runic Power
UP = Unholy Presence


Currently Accepted Spec(s)


The meat and potatoes of a Blood spec are the same, the variants will honestly show very little difference, and Iím not really sure if some of the changes would be noticeable even over a long period of time due to RNG etc.

In the Blood tree you will have 4 points to play with. If you are looking for absolute max DPS you will want to go with 3/3 Bloodworms and 1 point in Imp Blood presence. Why? Bloodworms will add a little (reports say ~ 80) DPS, and your other options being Mark of Blood and Vampiric Blood, both of which require the use of a Blood Rune, and thatís 1 less Heart Strike!

In the Unholy tree the most common line of thinking goes: Ravenous Dead > BCB > Necrosis. Some people like to get 2 points into Night of the Dead as well. From my own experience, Iíve found BCB to be slightly higher than 1% DPS per talent point, whereas Necrosis was slightly < 1% DPS per talent point. Keep in mind though that Necrosis can effectively crit, whereas BCB cannot, so people with very high crit rates may see a swing in the relative value of these two talents.

Morbidity works itself out to be approximately .6% DPS per point, fairly míeh unless you are using DnD a lot.

I am currently experimenting with a 3/3 Ravenous dead, 1/3 Morbidity, 2/2 Night of the Dead build. My initial feelings were that NotD wasn't worth it, as your summoned ghoul only does ~1k DPS, but I was running a 2/3 Ravenous dead build. There isn't a lot of exciting variance to blood, so this was something new that appealed to me. I will let you know my findings.


The 51/2/18 build utilizes Runic Power Mastery in the frost tree. I donít personally use this build as I prefer the passive BCB, although I might consider it if I had the Sigil of Vengeful Heart making my DCís feel like they had a little more oomph. Here you would want to max Morbidity as DCís should become a higher % of your DPS with a higher RP ceiling. Some people also like this build b/c they say it makes it easier to not drop too low in RP, screwing up the Death Strike Glyph.

Experimental Spec(s)


Theory here being that since the DRW nerf, it isn't that great, and picking up perm-ghoul and UB will generate more DPS. I haven't seen this spec at the top of any DPS charts, and don't think it is worth giving up both DRW and 10% ArP + 10% Dmg from Blood Gorged. That being said I haven't tried it myself.


There is currently only one viable Runeforge for PvE DPS: Fallen Crusader.


[Glyph of Dancing Rune Weapon]
[Glyph of Death Strike]
[Glyph of Dark Death]

[Glyph of Horn of Winter]
[Glyph of Pestilence]
[Glyph of Raise Dead]

There was a great post by Foxx which showed why we shouldnít use the glyph of disease, and I agree with his conclusions. There were also reports that the Glyph was bugged, then it wasnít, then it was again, Iím not sure where it stands currently.

Otherwise, Glyph selection for Blood is pretty straightforward.



I've had lots of fun with rotations over the last few weeks after having elbow surgery and only being able to play 1 handed. I bound a rotation to my scroll wheel, and off I went!

The meat of your single target rotation will be


In the first dump phase of your first rotation you should raise your ghoul in general, there is a nice little free GCD there for you. Like this:

IT-PS-HS-HS-DS-Raise Ghoul-DC-DS-HS-HS-HS-HS -Dump-

If you are a creature of habit, or just want to make your life easiest, you can stick with this rotation, and do just fine.

At the beginning of fights you can switch your first rotation around slightly, as follows: Leading with Death Strike will proc Abomination's Might right off the bat, getting it up before making any other attacks. Making your initial rotation:

DS-IT-PS-HS-HS--Raise Ghoul-DC-HS-HS-DS-HS-HS -Dump- then return to:
IT-PS-HS-HS-DS-Raise Ghoul-DC-DS-HS-HS-HS-HS -Dump-

This is for raid situations where the raid DPS increase from your Abom's Might being up immediately will outweigh your personal DPS loss due to the mechanics of [Glyph of Death Strike]. Since you are using Death Strike first you will have no runic power, and therefore lose out on this bonus.

Dancing Rune Weapon

DRW will gain buffs you have before casting it, but will not get things used after, i.e. Hysteria, potions, etc.
Your DRW checklist looks something like this, in order of importance.
Diseases Up
4 Death Runes
One use trinkets
Empowered Rune Weapon
Potion of Speed

Hitting all of those criteria will maximize your DRWs DPS, very important to maximizing your own DPS.

Obviously you can't always meet every criteria, as some are out of your control. You always want to wait for Hysteria if you think the fight will last long enough to do so, and you especially have to make sure your diseases are up and death runes are ready. If you have on use trinkets, you want to be sure to use them before popping DRW as well. Rarely will you be able to use Empowered Rune Weapon twice in one fight.

I'm not a huge fan of waiting on trinket procs, like Greatness or Grim Toll/Mjolnir. I tend to take the approach that if they are up, awesome but if they are not I don't wait for them. If you "feel" like you are due for a proc, it might be worth waiting 1 or 2 CGDs, but I don't know that I would go much beyond that. This is especially true due to the fact that often times your DRW is part of a coordinated burst, like XT heart phase, and you dont want to be lagging behind waiting for a proc.

That being said, if it is a long fairly straighforward fight like Ignis with no real burst phase requirement, I would probably wait to try to maximize my DPS.


Blood isnít an AoE spec, unless you count 2 mobs as AoE. In most AoE situations like the Arena for Thorim, I have simply found adding Pestilence to spread my diseases, then Heart Striking out DPSs trying to use Blood Boil. The main occasion on which I find myself using Blood Boil is on Freyaís adds when she spawns the ring of Lashers. This is because you really need to bring them down evenly to be successful.

Otherwise if you really have a lot of mobs, I think Iíve noticed around 5-6 mobs BB begins to outperform HS. In that case you would simply use the
IT-PS-Pest-DnD-Dump-DS-DS-HSÖ. Rotation.

Both Frost and Unholy are much better AoE specs, which is why I really donít feel you should be focusing on it as a Blood DK, but I welcome anyoneís comments on AoE if you have differing opinions.

Priority Systems

The priority structure to Frost DPS is significantly more complicated than Blood. Apart from adjusting your rotation for missed strikes things flow quite smoothly. The biggest thing you will be watching for will be not Heart Striking right after your diseases have fallen off.

Hit and Expertise:
Theoretically both STR and ArP are more important stats then both Hit or Expertise, which means that even if you are not Hit Capped, or Expertise capped, you will always see the biggest DPS increase by gemming STR/ArP.

The melee hit cap is 8% or ~262 Hit rating, this should be fairly easy to obtain with the gear currently available from Ulduar. The challenge I have found is typically not overshooting the Hit Cap by too much, at one point sitting at a frustrating 383 Hit Rating!

The soft expertise cap is a little more tricky as there are so many variable that go into it. It is a little more straightforward now that the 5 expertise on Blood Gorged was converted to 10% ArP. You want to be aiming for 25 Expertise (note "25 Expertise" not "25 Expertise Rating").

The relative weights of these stats were calculated factoring in misses, etc. so let's please not turn this thread into another argument about sims.

The use of both sims and some great spreadsheet are being applied in the BiS thread, covering all specs of DKs. While new content continues to be bested, and new drops continue to be added I will for now refer you to that thread, as they are doing a great job keeping up with the changes. Once we reach a better statis I will update this post with what is determined to be the best set of gear.

Gear Lists will also be uploaded once the approximate weightings have been sorted out. For now, it is probably best to refer to the Optimal gearing: the BiS thread.

One of the current discussions is regarding an inflection point between STR and ArP. It has been currently theorized that once you exceed 6200 AP the APE for ArP will exceed that of STR. Making it proper at that point to start gemming for ArP. The math and sims behind this theory seem solid, and personally once I hit around 6300 AP raid buffed began switching some gems, with positive results thus far.

Set Bonuses

These are the relative weights of the set bonuses for Blood DKs, as always thanks to Methods for providing these.

Blood set bonus weights:

T7-2p 60
T7-4p 39
T8-2p 83
T8-4p 104


The best Sigil for Blood DKs is [Sigil of the Vengeful Heart]. However, if you win this over Frost DKs expect to see nerd-rage like you've never before experienced. Fortunately [Sigil of Awareness] is easy to obtain, and a suitable substitute until you can get [Sigil of the Vengeful Heart].


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Re: Boiled Blood

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I can also answer questions if u catch me in game. also you can ask them here.

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